Rise and Fall – Jiji F

What it must be like to be a rapper/celebrity that has suddenly fallen out of favor with a once-adoring public. The confusion, the despair and the isolation.  They probably go through the five stages of grief.  There also tends to be a fair amount of desperation that seeps into their hearts the longer they’ve been forced into the shadows.

The once highly acclaimed, highly sorted, highly featured, “Animale”, has come back with what was deemed the greatest comeback in Lesotho music scene.

The project titled, “Old’s Kool” , is Jiji F’s second offering since Maluti Green Capital.  With Sjizzle as the executive producer, the project features, the likes of SKebza, Drigger, Konsept, K-zvla and the highly acclaimed new kid on the block, Gee Flaggz.  As the title suggests, the EP has borrowed cadence of “old skool kwaito” and trap beats; which has been maintained throughout the entire project.

However for a man who has once fallen off the face of music for quite some time, one would assume there would be more to this project.   The moments where Old’s Kool truly shines are the ones in which auto tune is thoughtfully used. The other coolest thing about the project is how nicely the creativity fell into place although overshadowed by the overproduction

Somewhat the brilliant originality of beats, thanks to Sjizzle Beats, managed to salvage the bad sampling.  Sampling is a trendy thing at the moment. Quite frankly many people would know hip-hop has roots in DJ culture; taking the best parts of records, making loops and sampling sounds.  Old’s Kool sampled a variety of legendary South African records, from Tkzee to Mafikizolo to name a few.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-sampling; especially when it’s done well. In this case…

But a few tracks stand out to be bangers, ‘Follow’ and ‘Bad’ both featuring Konsept and K-zvla.  But of course it is just an EP, hopefully 2018 will be a year we get to hear the best of Jiji F, and maybe even get back that husky voice, some call a million dollar voice.

Buy or sit it out?

I would definitely sit this one out and wait for a fully fleshed album. Therefore would give it a 6/10.  Thanks to the good quality production!!!!

photo credit: facebook