The speculation and rumor mills went head to head late last week that the highly popular Golden Mic Sessions were coming to an end, after one year running; much to the disappointment of many fans. A lengthy debate gathered momentum on social media as to whether it’s the truth or not.

Golden Mic Sessions began on the 20th October 2016 with the aim of creating a platform and breathing ground for poetry and music in Lesotho. From its inception, we have been exposed to the beautiful and poignant delivery of 78 artists.

The one year celebration on the 21st at Rockview Beer Garden where these sessions all began marked the last time PMAE presented Golden Mic Sessions.

Speaking to us, artist and founder of PMAE, Nthare reiterated “it’s time for a new chapter in this journey; the Golden Mic Sessions chapter is complete, closed and perfectly documented for future references. Thank you Rockview beer garden, Nala social market, Alliance Françoise and Mxxl Radio for your collaborations.”

He continued on to add that the new month of November is already one to look forward to, “we will be presenting something new to empower these artists and get more of them in the collection. We hope to begin this new chapter with you and implement it with your support.”

Well while this end is painful, one thing is for sure-Golden Mic Sessions definitely served its purpose and created superstars. To the future, cheers.