Morena Leraba makes it rain

The 7th December 2017 marked an interesting toll of events when Allience Francaise De Maseru played host to South African rock band Blk Jks, The frequent Travelers and our very own Morena Leraba.

The Blk Jks are a band of four members originally from South Africa, Johannesburg.  They are a rock band with swooping forays into Kwaito, Ska, Reggae, Ambience, Jazz, Progressive rock, and furor. They have since released one album in 2000 and two EP’s in 2009 and 2010 namely After Robots (Secretly Canadian) and Zol! (Secretly Canadian)

They lit up the stage with their electric energy and performed a song with Morena Leraba which sent the crowd to another dimension. What is even more gratifying is the quality of music, the delivery and the energy of all the four members just kept the audience standing and begging for more.

The band blessed the audience with the likes of Ghost, Mother father, Molalatladi, Tselane and killed the crowd with a Mzabalazo a song that got everyone on their feet and chanting the toyi-toyi song.


Then, in no time Morena Leraba took to the stage with his dj, Coco.  The duo got everyone pumped with more energy and with his chants, one would swear Morena Leraba was communicating with the ancestors and brought forth rain showers – which was truly a remarkable way to shut down a concert.  What was even funny is that no one wanted to leave as crowd kept screaming and shouting for more…

photo cred: Observt images and Facebook