L-Tore – Music must be taken seriously

11th November will prove another epic day to put in your social calendar.  L-Tore promises an epic day when he will be launching his latest project that he has been working on for a while now.  Although the project has not been titled yet, all the materials have been laid down and ready for consumption.

L-Tore continues to set trends and boundaries. He remains one of the most celebrated and sort after artists in the country; probably because of the credentials he holds – Vodacom superstar winner and Ultimate Music award winner in the Best Hip Hop artist. What continues to fascinate some of us music critics is the relentless effort L-Tore continues to put in his work and the greatest thing is realizing the importance of having great quality music. From his previous project The Commercial mix, L-Tore, real name, Lerato Leteka, has constantly managed to release good music if not great for the last six years or so. A journey that hasn’t been easy for any artist especially of his calibre, however, it looks like we are in for an amazing treat.


This highly anticipated EP is a promise of a new sound, is a promise of a new chance to evaluate and explore the gifts bestowed on each and every one of us.  The EP is due for release on the 11th November; and will be launched at Green Gate.  L-Tore has proved to be always eager to take risks and experiment – a character that many artists are yet to master. However, with its highs and lows, L-Tore felt 2017 was a year to take a break and just focus on the material to put on the new album.

The EP features some of the most astounding artists, the forever sort after Juvy, Sean Clarks – and in one of the productions, Sir Edi, comes in (one of the most celebrated producers of our time).

“Music is a journey that needs to be perfected and nurtured as times goes by.  But music needs investment; music needs money to invest in good quality music. Music needs people that know the know-how, people that are passionate and willing to go an extra mile for security.”

L-Tore prides himself with amazing individuals that have managed, through time to navigate and show direction of how this music business goes.

“I believe and always seen myself very far in the world, I‘ve had the pleasure of being managed by Kefioe Mahase and Mr Maps. They taught me how to deal with certain things in my career,”

“I wanna see myself in an international market”, explains Tore; a dream that most artists have, that is to be recognised or penetrated international market, but Tore knows it is not a walk in the park.  “Music must be taken seriously.”

Tore also shared with us that 2017 wasn’t much of a good year.  Actually in his wording he said, it was the most challenging year to be in the music industry.  He mentioned that the beginning of the there is not much to go by; there is not much to be done or to do.

Many would say this is ironic for somebody who is this talented and with such credentials to his name to talk about the industry being hard.  Seeing that the Vodacom Superstars came with opportunities and promises, we had to ask how that deal was coming along.

“What’s interesting is that things are slowly coming together. Coming from the days of Vodacom Superstars, where many promises were made, I have come a long way.”

“2015 Vodacom Superstars had promised artists to work closely with Kalawa Jazmee, specifically Oskido.  That hasn’t happened yet.  Lack of communication has proved to be the problem to get artists the end of the deal.”

While talks are still going back to back with lawyers to get things on motion, Tore feels he can’t wait; hence the release of this EP.

“You can’t hate what’s happening right now in the world.  We are slowly growing and trying new things…”  Tore further explained.

We will surely continue to follow up.  While we wish Tore success is his career, we anticipate the 11th November to be the best day and for the show to be a success.