Half of You – Yisani Masa & Thingo: Get New Music and Know The Artists

‘Half of You’ is a song about not appreciating what you have until it’s gone. That’s the main theme. So both artisits are narrating the idea that we do not appreciate the girls of our dreams while we still have the chance.

Yisani’s verse is about how he had an “arrangement” with a girl…she caught feelings, but he refused to date her until she got someone else. So he regrets that.

Thingo’s verse is about how he had a best friend (a girl), they got feelings for each other but he chose to stay a friend, now he has to watch her get married and letting her know  ‘I am going to kill myself when she does…because I can not live without her.’ A bit tragic I know, but the verse presents the tragedy better.

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Get to know the artists


The name is Thingo and I hail from a small town in the South of Lesotho called Mohale’s Hoek, commonly known as Mzuku. I grew up between the capital city Maseru and Mohale’s Hoek and my musical influence comes from both these places.

An all-round general lover of music, my musical journey started in primary school as part of a four-piece acapella group called Golden Cloud . We never performed as a group but wrote music together.

My earliest attempt to rap was on one of the songs we wrote (although it was rejected by my groupmates). My other musical involvements include being part of the school choir in high school, being part of my church choir in varsity. Like I said, I’m an all-round lover of music!!! A “part-time” poet and a true fan of the art form, I was a member of the school’s poetry club back in college.

But my main love is hip hop! It is to me like a second clan. I believe in the culture and what it represents. I have performed at many functions during my times in school and varsity. I have so far released 3 solo singles: Graduation Speech (released when I graduated for my first degree), Graduation Speech 2 (released when I graduated for my honours degree) and Tsweloman. Half of You is my first official collaboration.


Yisani Masa

I am Yisani Masa, an artist from East London based in Bloemfontein. I believe music is an art form and I approach it as such. More than a rapper, I am an artist. My music can be described as a introspective, self-deprecating, emotional and sometimes witty art.

Amongst other things I pride myself on my song writing ability. I strive for the music to be of the same quality and detail as a Picasso painting, Mozart composition, Tarantino film and/or a Kanye West album. This is not a cheque to me. Take a listen.

The earliest memory I have of me listening to and loving a hip hop track is listening to friends recite Ja Rule’s Always on Time lyrics way back in 2003 but I only picked up a pen to write my own raps in 2007. It started off as poetry but a friend of mine had an older brother that was part of a rap crew in our neighborhood, he also rapped.

I eventually started rapping with him during school breaks and that evolved into recording, using fruityloops and our friends laptop mic. The quality was as poor as can be but we loved hearing ourselves so that didn’t matter too much to us

East London is a relatively small city with a lot rap crews. My friend and I formed our own rapped religiously