End of the road for Golden Mic Sessions?

This year marks the first anniversary of the Golden Mic Sessions hosted by Petsoa-Majoeng Arts and Entertainment. This initiative came as an answer to the unnerving question about the diversity of the entertainment and music; where for some time poetry and rap were overshadowed.  Golden Mic sessions have given many poets and artists a platform to showcase their craft and placed these same artists on a mainstream media – the first of its kind.  This initiative started at Rock View Gardens and it looks like that will be exactly where it will end.

Ahead of the anniversary rumours have been surfacing that this could be the last Golden Mic Sessions.  A show that will host 30 poets and artists on one stage;  although the full line up has not be revealed yet, the anticipation is the likely suspects.  Like any other good story, it has to come to an end. Sources close to the organisers say there have been disagreements and fighting in the PMAE stable.   The question is what could have been the cause of the fight?

We attempted to get hold of the organiser, Nthare ‘Fada’ Makoae, to comment on these rumours, but he declined to comment. He, however, said there will be a big announcement that will be made tomorrow.  Now as we sit and wait for the mystery to unravel, we remain shocked by the split, the death of GMS.  All we can now do is sit back and relax…