Hip hop has been used as a medium to voice the conscious of various black people, who were minority over the majority of the white supremacy rule in the US.

The conscious was seen in revolutionary movements such as ‘ The black Panther’ where Tupac Shakur played a major role as the voice of the group with his artistic display of Lyrics. No wonder his mother was part of the movement too.

But that’s not its origins, it originated from a Jamaican Disk Jockey (Deejay); DJ Kool Herc, who brought the art of deejaying to South Bronx and groups such as Furious Five that included Grandmaster flash emerged, with what is known to be funk hip hop; of which the word hip hop came from Keith Cowboy teasing his soldier friend saying when they matched, they were uttering the word ‘Hip Hop.’

The funk hip hop used to be played in clubs, but the late 1970 generation invited the conscious element into the family of hip hop, which was witnessed by the emergence of Hip Hop heavy weights such as Kris Parker known as KRS one, whose name is an acronym for; Knowledge Reigns Supreme over nearly everyone and James Smith dubbed LL Cool J, whom it’s believed the name means Ladies Love Cool James. Do you really think he is cool? That’s up to you to confirm the statement

The 20th and 21st century witnessed a twist of the culture; new school Hip Hop was born. The style of delivery and beats changed, new school rap had ambushed all the rights of the culture. As of now, the true culture is paralysed and limping; the generation of artist of this age have tattered and torn the culture, with the introduction of artist such as Lil Wayne and his counterparts. They began using the tool called ‘Auto Tune’ which has caused havoc over creativity of those who used hip hop as self-expression. Since then, the game has lost meaning. It’s now known to be the music of outlaws and cats that don’t have anything to say other than utter insults and brag about riches, girls and expensive cars.

I found my friends dedicating their time listening to Young Thug and Rich Hommie Guan. What I encountered was a real disgrace to the game, the cats (Guan and Thug) were not fully armed for the game, and they just displayed their skill of Auto Tune. You could have watched when my adrenaline started shooting at the utmost pace, but to no avail the guys were already infected.

Yeah! I can’t deny it; I was born in Lesotho not the US. In Lesotho we still have great lyrical architects such as Skebza D, L-Tore, Kislev, Skarra WA Matash and others. I am mostly saddened by the misuse of the word – hip hop.

An individual could really ask, “What happened to the game!?” Surely, there won’t be an answer.

The game only needs a delivery remedy to cure the illness; that has taken control of the young generation of the African soil. The thing with the so-called emcees of today is that they do not rap but sing, even Robert Kelly can do better than them.

I think it’s high time that we boycott this type of genre. For those who care for the culture like I do with undying love, we should stop that with a movement that says #BringBackOurHipHop.

Eish! I nearly forgot I made a cup of tea let me go and get a sip, I will be back!