On Reviews

Our team gets together every month to brain-storm on some new features to add on Kingdom Tunez. This one was exciting – The Reviews.

We’re taking it from Event Reviews and Album Reviews now to reviewing even singles. There seems to be a proliferation of such and we want to recognize them.

What’s even more exciting is that reviewing singles is open to everyone. Yes, EVERYONE. The more the people discussing and evaluating, the better. Every reader is invited to have a stab at writing a review of pretty much any single ever made.

A few pointers in reviewing:

  • Casually listen, and repeatedly listen to the track
  • Your goal is to grasp the talent and the process behind the song
  • Read lyrics and note a passage or two worthy of mentioning in your review
  • Use helpful terms that actually describe the music rather than your opinion
  • Originality? Evidence of change since the last project?
  • Second guess what other readers are going to think about the same track

We agree with the notion that music is important and needs to be discussed and evaluated properly. Hence why the initiative to make a collaborative effort towards reviewing our music.

Whenever you’re ready to cash in the reviews, email: reviews@kingdomtunez.co.ls