Now Open – Kingdom Tunez Online Store

Observe the dog as you prepare dinner.

His eyes follow your every move, particularly your hands, as you dress and sauté the chicken; as you slice it from the pan to your plate; as you carry the plate to the dinner table.

He doesn’t move, he only watches. Because the dog instinctively understands that eventually – maybe not today, not tomorrow, but eventually – everything falls.

For musicians, artisans, fashion enthusiasts and all those who support local creations the proverbial chicken breast just hit the ground. And the proverbial chicken in this case is the store. This is for all who’ve been waiting for dinner to drop.

Well, we know you heard all the rumors about the Kingdom Tunez online store before it was announced: is it a sequel? Is it a prequel? Well, we can tell you today that it’s both.

If you already have an account with Kingdom Tunez, you’re a step ahead, all you have to do is to submit an application to become a vendor on Kingdom Tunez and you could have your products sell with all the credit entitled to you.

So, what’s there to sell? Anything! Not exactly, but if you thought of music, crafts, tickets, apparel, and of course digital content and others closely related to our niche, then your guess was close.

So you got your products and are dying to get started, sign-up for a basic account and then send in your application to become a vendor. Upon the review of your application, you’ll get your account status. Make sure you go through our terms and conditions.

Learn more on how to get started.

We’ll see you there.