The way we listen to music has changed. Our thinking about music needs a similar update. Music is information.

The post quoted below triggered a thought in me about data back-ups. They could cost many production companies business regardless of how big or small they may be.

“Urgent notice! MIP recently suffered a system crash that as a result destroyed parts and sectors of our main Hard drive. This has lead to files being corrupt and missing. The hard drive is unreadable in many sectors.

Unfortunately any of the work done over the last 3-4 months is possibly lost. Prior to this happening we have made a number of attempts at getting folk to come and collect their data and projects in order to avoid such a situation and also to give people access to their masters. (Masters cfan cause a large conflict between people and people are people. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of someone owning your masters and using them for their own profit while you lose out.)

To avoid further problems and disappointment, anyone who knows they have left work prior to April 2016 please come and collect your items.
We are implementing a new storage system and keeping your files in our storage will now cost M400 bi annually or M1200 permanently. We will also be looking into an M200 story system for clients looking to work on full length projects like tapes and albums. This will be added to the price of the overall package fee. It will provide for a flash drive storage that may be taken on completion of the product or work such that the other options are just that.

This system will start as of month end September 2016.

For more info on studio and production fees contact us on…”

The solutions are readily available. Are we using them to our benefit? Online backup is increasingly becoming a choice for many. It’s a standard practice for businesses that value their data. The music industry is not an exception.