Interview With AMG

Taking whatever means essential to accomplish your life-long dreams is often an emotional struggle people are willing to take in order to realize their goals and desires.

That’s certainly the case with the musical group AMG.

We had an opportunity to talk with them about their journey and what lies ahead and they gladly shared with us. Below is a transcript of that interview.

How did you first get started as a crew?
Our mom had an Apple laptop and so we discovered a number of applications which could help record. We went ahead and tried and man it was some quality that we never expected. That thing was a studio on its own. The production was really good and so we decided, ‘okay guys, we’re apple music group’ that’s how it started. And now we’re a group of 4 guys and a lady with 5 singles released.

How was it like when you uploaded that first song?
We weren’t expecting much, honestly, and we didn’t even know any marketing tactics we could use as artists. We didn’t even know we had to go promote our song at the radio stations, use newspapers and all sorts of media that can help promote the song. So we just dropped it like it is and we were shocked that we reached close to 800 downloads having missed all those steps that we should have followed.

How do you describe the sound of your music? What sets you apart?
What we do is a new age hip-hop. We mostly work with JustSlick on production and he comes up with lots of trap. Some of the tracks we worked on are Kwaito kinda songs. However, we still do hard-core hip-hop. Like in our crew, we know that when it’s hard-core hip-hop we got a member who can go hard-core, when it’s new age, we’re also covered. At the end of the day, we still do hip-hop and do music the way hip-hop should go, and we mostly look up to people who do hip-hop, guys like Proverb, L-Tore, Dunamis, Nirex, and others. All in all, we do new age hip-hop.

Who are your influences in the music industry?
Dunamis and Nirex but as a crew, the guys we really look up to are Cashtime. But then it depends on the mood of the song and the beat.

In the next 5 years, where do you want AMG to be?
What we want to do is register our record label as it’s apparent that our music industry isn’t good. So in the next couple of years we want to do songs with artists who are doing it big, like KO, Proverb or any other SA artist who’s big.

What’s next for AMG, anything coming?
In September we’re dropping ‘black and white party’. It’s a dedication song for our manager. And on that track we have featured Jiji F. We’re also in talks with other artists and are looking up to collaborating with them on a number of projects. Most certainly, next year we’re dropping a mixtape.

What’s your promise to the fans out there?
They should expect good music. They should expect something that they’ve never heard before. There are tracks that they’ll get to hear on the mixtape that are just too good. Some are already produced and are only reserved for the mixtape.

Is there anything to add or say?
I wanna say thank you to everybody who has been supporting AMG, JustSlick on the production – that guy is going places. Our manager who has been working very hard with us, all the guys we featured, my team, fans, and Hitch.