This article originally appeared on YOURGURLMIMZ’S BLOG, written by Mimi Setlaba.

I know I have not been focusing a lot on the media side but this is an exclusive story and I just could not resist.

Remember the Group Ghetto I’z? It is said to be making a comeback after splitting for almost two years and this time around,only three of the original five members will be gracing our media scene. Sadly, our oh-so-lovable KOPANO will not be back in the group. The solo artist claims that he was not invited back into the group and is officially sacked. The Numbers hit maker claims that the group agreed to let each and every member of the group take turns in establishing a solo career so as to strengthen one another’s solo careers and KOPANO was picked to go first.

“I was shocked when I saw that the group was making a comeback and I had no idea why I was not told. I humbly asked why this decision was made without having consulted all the members of the group. Even then I could not get a vivid response”.

He claims he was stunned when the “owner” of Ghetto Iz and some of the members whom he chose not to disclose were not supportive of his solo project/career. “Ever since I started my solo career I have not even been getting support from my brothers. I just want people to know that I didn’t know as much as they didn’t”.

“What I do know is that Ghetto I’z helped me to get where I am and because of them, I am a bigger and better artist now” KOPANO explained. He further stated that there is no bad blood, and that there are no hard feelings as that was a business related move.

On a lighter note, KOPANO will be embarking on a few tours around the country particularly in high schools and hopefully some universities. A video for a song he recorded with his producer SJizzle Beats called “stoner” will be coming out soon as well as Bandz video on which Jiji F featured him will be dropping in just a matter of time.

“Apart from that I am out here trying to be who I am. I am not signed to anybody and I have not signed anybody and would like to stress the fact that I am not associated with Ghetto I’z anymore” he concluded.

We all loved Ghetto I’z, I really hope they overlook controversy and make us good music.