Cassper, Khuli Chana, KO all support Shout Campaign

It’s no denying that when musicians come together for positive course – the impact is significantly amplified.

Shout Campaign is no exception.  What do you get when you put Cassper, KO, Reason and Khuli Chana on the same track? That’s what Shout campaign did. Some of you may remember Shout from their 2012 hit song, “You’re the voice”.

Shout it is a non-profit organization founded by Danny K and Kabelo Mabalane following the murder of Lucy Dube. Artists come together to launch a fight against crime in South Africa. This year is even bigger with some of South African musician and celebrities contributing to the initiative. Some of the Mzansi A-listers headlining the campaign are Reason, Khuli Chana, Mi Casa, Cassper Nyovest and the list goes on.

The Chairperson, Koppel says the focus for this year has shifted towards the youth and they have decided to embark on building libraries for South Africa youth. As one of the producers, J’Something from Mi Casa told SABC news that “When they mentioned the purpose of this year’s campaign, which is building libraries and doing it for the kids, that’s when we started to think about warmness and smiling and being happy.”

“Sometimes you get messages out there better, by being happy and being positive and that was the whole thinking behind the song.”

According to Shout website, all the funds raised from the sale of the song will go towards the building Shout libraries. By the way, the song was produced by Danny K and Mi Casa. Shout anticipates the song to be their biggest song yet. As of writing this article, the video had just over 1800 views on YouTube.

I know you may be thinking, ‘Where do I download the song?’ Hold on – you must make a donation first via msg.

We had a similar movement local: during the beginning of this year, Youth 4 Peace campaign was supported by local artists joining forces to mobilize youth of Lesotho to make their voice heard during elections. We saw the likes of Stlofa, Siphiwe, Damario and ‘Me Puseletso Seema coming together to grace the event. As a result of their collaboration, “Peace is our future” song was produced. It was an innovative project deploying communication strategies to mobilize youth to become engaged in the elections and knowledgeable members of the society.

You can watch the Shout music video here: