Become a Likeable Artiste

Whether you’re a professional artist or somebody who considers his music career a hobby, it remains undeniable that often we lose sight of the simple things that not only make us human, but can actually benefit us to become more fruitful.

So you have 10k plus likes on your Facebook Fan page and you think you’re likeable? Sorry. Fans are not impressed by that, neither are many of those close to you.

Below are 3 principles that will help you become an affable artiste:

  1. Listening

It’s obvious. We know that you are jam-packed with information. And maybe you know it all. But sometimes you need to shut up and listen. It’s infuriating when you want to share something with a ‘celebrity’ and they keep adding to what you’re saying or derailing you from the subject. Listen to what your fans and prospects want and need. If you want to build good relationships with anyone, you have to listen. Be open to new views.

  1. Authenticity

There used to be a fine line between one’s private life and public life, but the social media has blurred it. Likeable artistes are who they say they are: through their music, their lyrical content and the way they engage with others. It’s so sad with our local music scene, very few of our local heroes are genuine. But it’s promising as some artists are re-branding and some using their real names as their stage names, citing Kopano as an example. It goes without saying that being authentic will make you a little bit vulnerable but fans and friends would always seek to help an authentic artiste succeed.

  1. Team Playing

To build a success culture in our music industry we need team players. What we experience is contrary. Newcomers claiming they’re better than everyone around, lack of appreciation of others success, not practicing humility, not encouraging others, not letting others shine, you add to the list. All this bugs our local music scene. That sad case about Lesotho Hip-Hop. We need team players with no selfish ambitions, who are willing to elevate others and who think out-of-the-box and at the same time becoming amiable.

Becoming a likeable artiste takes more than just reading this post. This will not help you if you do not practice and practice and practice.

I know there’s a lot more principles you can think of. The comments section is you.


Image Credit: JPWilliam