Ace of OGM – Playing the cards right

There is an interesting force of energy that comes with the mention of names such as KI. Ten years in the music industry have proved to be the best years in the life of one of Lesotho’s finest artist, Thato Lethunya famously known as KI (Killer Instinct).

The release of his latest album “Ace of OGM” at Phomolo Guest house proved how much of a wonderful performer KI is.  Coming down as the head master of OGM (Only God Music), Thato had a lot to prove to stand on his own.  As a newly married man, a father, and an artist, KI takes pride in what he has achieved.  “Ace of OGM” comes at a time when he needed to take the next step in this music especially coming from a place where there were a lot of people that had to dictate his workmanship.

We caught up with KI on his album launch just before his performance to get a feel about this new project, and what it took to get to where it is.

Why “Ace of OGM”?

It’s about taking the next step. I have been sleeping on myself, going in and out. Standing back and relaxing.

I feel I have been procrastinating  a lot of things, and this time around I feel i need to stand alone.

I’ve been matching a lot with the ground.  Sometimes you need to match alone in order to determine and understand and know yourself.

How different is ACE OF OGM from Conviction?

With Conviction there were too many features. with this new one, 30% of tracks I am alone, with Ace of OGM where there is growth and hitting things on point, there is much relevance and growth, and listening to the whole album, one would get a feeling that this album is about self discovery, and maturity in terms sound and content.

Who else did you work with on this project?

Sy , H-Fo Dunamis, Axomind, Tsumany and Durrty F.

What inspired ace of OGM?

As an individual I had to manage myself.  I have been focusing and managing multiple heads.  I had to take a step up and understand myself, know myself and my strengths

Ace of OGM depicts a man on top of everything.  I’ve been the man carrying the cross all the time, I’m the ace, the biggest card on the table. I’m the one who makes things happen. Calling it Ace of OGM, I realized that life is a game , you either win or lose, academically, socially or physically. Either way it’s a win or lose situation.

Balancing fatherhood, family life and being an entertainer?

When you have a calling, it’s not all in your head it’s in your spirit, the drive; I have the drive in all things  I do.  It’s the almighty who gave me a gift in everything that I’m doing right now

Favorite tracks on the album?

The one, Regular and Dear lord ft Dunamis

More than 10 years in the industry, highs and lows?

I don’t work with fantasies; I don’t work with assumptions, as long as God is keeping me alive, you see great things.

Highs and lows…

I’ve been reliant and dependent on people, so I decided to get started on this on oneself and see what happens…

The turnout of the launch wasn’t really bad quite star studded with artists and musicians and DJs. The 17 track album is out and available on music stores.  It is music for everyone. All we can do now is anticipate even greater things from KI and all the best.

images: facebook