6 Most Anticipated Local Hip Hop Singles

There’s no denying the evolution in the sound of Lesotho hip hop. There has been a noticeable level of growth and a lot more of maturity from the artists.

Lord knows that our music scene does need a bit of a spring clean from time to time – the key is just knowing what bits to clean and how much they need doing.  But let’s pretend that’s not true.

Without further ado, below are 6 most anticipated local hip hop singles and are in no particular order.



It’s been a great run by Dunamis this year. With his singles ‘Pressure’ and ‘Paper Paper’ having gotten a positive reception. The good news is that the year isn’t yet over and so is good music from Dunamis. Next month, September to be exact, Dunamis will be dropping his 3rd single, ‘GOD’ – God Of Dunamis. He features AB Crazy on the single.  On top of that, Dunamis is also shooting a music video for Pressure.

Do you remember when he tweeted about pulling GhettoI’z together? It came sooner than many expected and this coming week, Dunamis promised a new joint by GhettoI’z called ‘Winning.’ Most of his projects will premiere on local radio stations.


You’ll agree with me that we haven’t gotten anything off late from the artist. Yet, Megahertz was rumored to be in studio working on a single. Regardless of the fact that the details about his upcoming single are still fuzzy, we visited his Facebook page and got a promising post on his timeline about what he’s been up to. It reads, “The other ‎key to ‪success is to hold hands and help one another! By that we all gonna make it! ‎Be Real. JohnAware by MegaHertz (Artwork by Tears Cr8ive Studio)”. And with that came the single artwork, which promises that the single will drop soon.


For J-Cob, this has been a great time to be an artist. He has gotten his hands dirty with a long list of events, TV appearances and radio interviews. We want music! And from his side, there’s been a plethora of Facebook posts hinting that there’s more music to come. “In studio with my niggers ‪- Harena Nako,” and tagged on this post was Black Steel. So we can only assume he’s working on his next single titled ‘Harena Nako’ and Black Steel is the producer, as always.

Skebza D

First of, ‘Success’ was a huge success. And then came a very controversial song from Skebza D ‘Tsamo Reka Omo’.  Recently, Skebza D has revealed that there’s more to come and he’s had studio sessions recording with Nirex and Stlofa. There hasn’t been much details but there’s sure going to be a few singles to expect from Skebza D in the next few weeks. So we’re on the lookout.


If you’ve been keeping tabs on the artist, you should have been aware that he’s been dropping singles every month since November 2014. So we believe that the same will go for this month unless he breaks the truce. Since gone solo, his career has been riding an upward sail.