6 Benefits of Using SoundCloud

I’ve come across artists who know about SoundCloud but don’t use it.

Even worse, some who are ignorant and have never heard of it. Simply put, SoundCloud is a music streaming platform that allows artists to distribute their tracks. If you’re serious about your music and your music career you have to explore it.

There are many benefits of using SoundCloud, and I have provided them below.

1.       Music streaming

SoundCloud has far outgrown their competition and are the world’s largest music streaming platform. Designed to stream music and recordings, and also provide tools to work on audio projects. Artists can also provide extra information like track description, buy links, video links, and release dates.

2.       Easy Discovery

SoundCloud is built with a community in mind. This makes it easy to set-up an account and discover music. Music discovery comes with free listening. It also saves a lot of time. It has helped musicians to make an easier and effective start of their career. Unsigned artists can be discovered by record labels as well, and fans can always discover new music from their favorite artists.

3.       Easy Sharing

Sharing a track link is easy, but sharing your music is easier with SoundCloud. You get your music shared on blogs and websites. By embedding a customized player in blogs, websites, news and other media outlets, you share your music to a new audience.  So whenever we write about your music we also share your music, in a neat and most accessible mode.

4.       Follow other users

You can follow other users on SoundCloud.  Leave comments on their projects. Repost their work. Build relationships that could lead to future collaborations. Fans also follow their artists. Others discover tracks for their remix projects. The chain is never-ending.

5.       Artwork Display

Of course music streaming platforms display the album art. SoundCloud displays the artwork as part of the player. This gives people a perception of the song, quality and other important aspects.  The artwork gives a first impression. If it’s appealing, it will garner more listening to your tracks.

6.       Tracking and Statistics

Statistic provide insightful data on your music. SoundCloud provides information on who’s playing your music, which sites are sharing it, your popular tracks, re-posts of your tracks, how many plays, locations of listeners, and number of downloads. This info is critical to the decisions your make in your music career.  It’s fairly easy to measure the success of your track through various parameters.

At the end of the day, fans and listeners alike, want to consume content that moves them. How you move that content is totally up to you. Whether you’re old fashioned and prefer sharing links, or you’re innovative and beam up all your audio content, make sure you utilize the technology at your disposal. If you think of more reasons on why Sound Cloud is useful, share them on the comments section. Also share a link to your sound cloud account and we might feature one of your tracks.

Image Credit: ONLAB